Systems Approach and Just Culture Resonate at Doha Telluride Experience

TE_DOHA_SethOn day three of our Academy for Emerging Leaders in Patient Safety…the Doha Experience, Dr. Seth Krevat, AVP for Patient Safety at MedStar Health, led discussions on the importance of in-depth Event Reviews, Care for the Caregiver, and Fair and Just Culture approaches to preventable harm events. Seth shared the event review process used at MedStar Health which was designed by experts in patient safety, human factors engineering and non-healthcare industry resilience leaders. This event review process has been adopted by AHRQ and AHA/HRET, and has been incorporated into the upcoming CandOR Toolkit being released shortly to US hospitals.

The young learners engaged in deep discussions around Fair and Just Culture – the balance between safety science and personal accountability. This topic followed interactive learning the previous day on human factors and system/process breakdowns. Similar to challenges we have in the US, the culture in the Middle East blames the individual first without a thorough understanding of all the causal factors leading up to an unanticipated event. After Seth showed the video, Annie’s Story: How A Systems Approach Can Change Safety Culture, and shared other case examples demonstrating how a good event review can disclose system breakdowns versus individual culpability, the young leaders gained a new appreciation of effective error reduction strategies. In the short clip that follows one of our young leaders, so empowered by the short three days with us, explains how she used what she learned to try to change her parents point of view on patient harm:

The passion and commitment of these future leaders to patient safety was inspiring for our US faculty, as well as for the leaders from the numerous Qatar healthcare institutions that participated in our sessions. I have no doubt this next generation of caregivers will be the change agents needed to achieve zero preventable harm across the world. We have seen many examples of their work already.

It was exciting to be in Qatar working collaboratively with others who are committed to “Educating the Young” as a powerful vehicle for change. Next stop for the Academy for Emerging Leaders in Patient SafetyThe Sydney Australia Experience!

Telluride Doha: The Similar Hearts of Young Healthcare Learners

Gaming and low fidelity simulation along with patient narratives are two favorite learning tools used at the Telluride Experience Patient Safety Summer Camps each year. This year is no different, even as the team travelled halfway around the world to share these tools and a passion for patient safety with the goal of encouraging and empowering young healthcare professionals in Doha, Qatar to put patient first.

TE_Doha_TeeterGameUniversalThe teeter totter game–a simulation of teamwork, collaboration and communication–once again proved to be a favorite activity. The strongest takeaway by many from Day One by the students was the value of patient stories shared by Carole Hemmelgarn and through Helen Haskell and her son Lewis’s story via film. Carole, who told her story in person, left a lasting impression on many in the room–so much so that the very values expressed before and after her session as to what a safety culture should include changed in just a short but powerful one hour presentation. One medical student, who posted on the Telluride Experience blog, said the following about the day:

It has only been one day but my perspective on patient care has completely been shifted. I understand now what this phrase ‘patient-centered care’ which doctors always use to sound sophisticated really means. It took listening to the family members of patients harmed by us to help me really see the world from a patient’s perspective. I hope I will forever carry that with me, and use it to improve my practice each and every day.

For me, the greatest takeaway has been how very similar the hearts of healthcare students in Doha, Qatar are to their peers in Telluride, CO, Napa, CA or Washington DC. The caring and concern they expressed for one another and their patients is exactly the same as that expressed by their peers in the west. The local cultural challenges, however, are what present differences in the way these young people will approach the delivery of care in Doha. For example, one 3rd year medical student expressed concern that while even talking about cancer or suggesting a mammogram to a Doha woman is tabu, the need to deliver standard of care for that patient is more important to her. How to navigate these complex communication and cultural challenges, and to do so in a patient centered way, is what brought her to the Telluride Experience Doha.

The Telluride Alumni Network is now filled with even more global perspectives as we added over 100 Qatar healthcare executives, care providers and students this week in Doha!

Telluride Alum Rebal Turjoman Brings #AELPS16 to Doha, Qatar for Peers

Eggbert_DayOne_StudentsAfter a very engaging faculty development program for healthcare leaders from Qatar, we kicked off our Academy for Emerging Leaders in Patient Safety “Doha Experience” patient safety camp for future interprofessional healthcare leaders today. The collaboration is being sponsored by WISH – the World Innovation Healthcare Summit and the Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development.
Egbert Schillings, CEO of WISH, remarked: “WISH has a long-standing commitment to patient safety across a number of our programs. This training academy for students and faculty from all the health science colleges of Qatar takes our efforts to a whole new level. Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser founded WISH to help improve health through global collaboration. There is no better example of this vision in action than by bringing together the best expertise the world has to offer, for the benefit of young leaders and the patients they will take care of right here in Qatar.”

Rebal_DayOne_StudentsRebal Turjoman, a third-year Qatar medical student and former Telluride Patient Safety Summer Camp participant, worked closely with organizers from the US and Qatar to bring the Academy for Emerging Leaders in Patient Safety curriculum to the Middle East. On the last day of our four-day sessions, every Telluride Patient Safety Summer Camp participant is required to make a public commitment to become a change agent for safety, and to identify and lead a specific program that will impact patient safety back at their home institutions. Rebal felt so empowered after his week-long immersion in patient safety, he decided to make his commitment a challenging one. “I was quite eager to help bring the Academy to Qatar, as the curriculum is unprecedented for students here,” he said. He shared his vision, knocked down obstacles, built coalitions and made it happen. Because of Rebal, over 70 young healthcare leaders from Qatar are experiencing the same curriculum that empowered Rebal to become a true leader and change agent.

After just one day of shared learnings with faculty and students from the region, it became very clear to all of us that our Academy for Emerging Leaders in Patient Safety curriculum resonates deeply and brings great value to others facing similar challenges across the world. We are excited to be in Qatar and working with fellow healthcare leaders who are also committed to “Educating the Young” as a powerful vehicle for change.

For more information, the Qatar Tribune covered the event: WISH to hold global academy for emerging leaders in patient safety  


Telluride Experience Goes International: Next Stop Doha, Qatar

Today marks the first time our Academy for Emerging Leaders in Patient Safety (#AELPS16) goes global with our “Telluride Experience” Patient Safety Summer Camp TE_Qatar_Faculty_2016curriculum kicking off in Doha, Qatar from March 23rd – 26th. A number of our faculty traveled from Washington, DC, Chicago and Denver to Doha yesterday to collaborate with health science leaders from Qatar in bringing our four-day Telluride Experience curriculum to many of the country’s current and future healthcare leaders.
In addition to our four-day safety camp, we will also be leading a faculty development program so healthcare leaders from Qatar can continue offering their own “Doha Experience” patient safety curriculum to future healthcare leaders on an annual basis. The collaboration is being sponsored by WISH – the World Innovation Healthcare Summit and the Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development.

TE_Qatar_BrochureThe Telluride Experience team is very excited about being in Qatar, and are looking forward to the growing number of international collaborations ahead of us, with those who also believe ensuring the highest quality, lowest risk healthcare to the communities we serve requires Educating the Young – our future healthcare leaders.

The Telluride Experience Goes International in 2016

AELPS_Logo_SmallerOver the past twelve years, our Telluride Patient Safety Summer Camps (now known as The Academy for Emerging Leaders in Patient Safety) have continued to grow and prosper through the annual support of The Doctors Company Foundation (TDCF), MedStar Health, the Committee of Interns and Residents (CIR) and COPIC. That continued support also includes our outstanding faculty who generously volunteer their own time each summer because they believe in our “Educate the Young” mission.
The value of our Resident Physician and Health Science Student Patient Safety Summer Camps continues to spread–not only nationally but also across the globe. It is in this international spirit that we are excited to announce two international Telluride Experience Patient Safety Summer Camps for young learners this coming year. The first will be held in Doha, Qatar on March 23rd – 26th and the second will be held in Sydney, Australia on April 23rd – 26th.

Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 8.28.03 PMOur Doha, Qatar Telluride Experience will be generously sponsored by WISH – the World Innovation Healthcare Summit and the Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development and Weill Cornell Medical College – Qatar. WISH is a global healthcare community dedicated to capturing and disseminating the best evidence-based ideas and practices. Their vision is “A healthier world through global collaboration”. Some of our Telluride Experience faculty will be traveling to Doha later this month to lead both young learner as well as faculty development sessions with the goal of having educators in Qatar continue and expand the Telluride Patient Safety Summer Camp curriculum within the Middle East.

All of us at AELPS are grateful for the growing number of international partners and the collaborations that result from those partnerships. The Telluride Experience model is now being adopted around the world by healthcare leaders who also believe ensuring the highest quality lowest risk health care requires “Educating the Young” – those who will be our future healthcare leaders.