The Telluride Experience Goes International in 2016

AELPS_Logo_SmallerOver the past twelve years, our Telluride Patient Safety Summer Camps (now known as The Academy for Emerging Leaders in Patient Safety) have continued to grow and prosper through the annual support of The Doctors Company Foundation (TDCF), MedStar Health, the Committee of Interns and Residents (CIR) and COPIC. That continued support also includes our outstanding faculty who generously volunteer their own time each summer because they believe in our “Educate the Young” mission.
The value of our Resident Physician and Health Science Student Patient Safety Summer Camps continues to spread–not only nationally but also across the globe. It is in this international spirit that we are excited to announce two international Telluride Experience Patient Safety Summer Camps for young learners this coming year. The first will be held in Doha, Qatar on March 23rd – 26th and the second will be held in Sydney, Australia on April 23rd – 26th.

Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 8.28.03 PMOur Doha, Qatar Telluride Experience will be generously sponsored by WISH – the World Innovation Healthcare Summit and the Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development and Weill Cornell Medical College – Qatar. WISH is a global healthcare community dedicated to capturing and disseminating the best evidence-based ideas and practices. Their vision is “A healthier world through global collaboration”. Some of our Telluride Experience faculty will be traveling to Doha later this month to lead both young learner as well as faculty development sessions with the goal of having educators in Qatar continue and expand the Telluride Patient Safety Summer Camp curriculum within the Middle East.

All of us at AELPS are grateful for the growing number of international partners and the collaborations that result from those partnerships. The Telluride Experience model is now being adopted around the world by healthcare leaders who also believe ensuring the highest quality lowest risk health care requires “Educating the Young” – those who will be our future healthcare leaders.

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