Telluride Experience Goes International: Next Stop Doha, Qatar

Today marks the first time our Academy for Emerging Leaders in Patient Safety (#AELPS16) goes global with our “Telluride Experience” Patient Safety Summer Camp TE_Qatar_Faculty_2016curriculum kicking off in Doha, Qatar from March 23rd – 26th. A number of our faculty traveled from Washington, DC, Chicago and Denver to Doha yesterday to collaborate with health science leaders from Qatar in bringing our four-day Telluride Experience curriculum to many of the country’s current and future healthcare leaders.
In addition to our four-day safety camp, we will also be leading a faculty development program so healthcare leaders from Qatar can continue offering their own “Doha Experience” patient safety curriculum to future healthcare leaders on an annual basis. The collaboration is being sponsored by WISH – the World Innovation Healthcare Summit and the Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development.

TE_Qatar_BrochureThe Telluride Experience team is very excited about being in Qatar, and are looking forward to the growing number of international collaborations ahead of us, with those who also believe ensuring the highest quality, lowest risk healthcare to the communities we serve requires Educating the Young – our future healthcare leaders.

Call for Quality Training Abstracts via Telluride Alum

If you are looking for something to do over the holiday weekend, why not submit an abstract to the American Journal of Medical Quality? The following opportunity was shared by Telluride Alumni (2013), Martin Wegman, and offers another outlet for the excellent work we know Telluride Alum are leading across the country!

Quality Training to Improve Performance (QTIP)
American Journal of Medical Quality
Call for Abstracts

AJMQ_Pub_ETYPostThe American Journal of Medical Quality (AJMQ) recognizes that opportunities to learn about the perspectives of professionals in training are limited. To expand learning opportunities for its readership, AJMQ launched a column dedicated to publishing student work on the topic of performance improvement in 2013. Through collaboration with the American College of Medical Quality, articles will be solicited for the column, “Quality Training to Improve Performance (Q-TIP),” which will be published in the 2016 issues of AJMQ.

Abstracts of no more than 150 words, written by health professions students, describing improvement work and interdisciplinary collaborations should be sent to the faculty advisor, James Pelegano, MD, MS ( by September 15, 2015. Eight abstracts will be selected by the faculty advisor and an Editorial Advisory Board for full article submissions and up to six articles will be published in AJMQ during each publication cycle (one article per issue). Questions regarding “Quality Training to Improve Performance (Q-TIP)” or submissions may be directed to Dr. Pelegano at

The American Journal of Medical Quality (AJMQ) is a peer-reviewed bi-monthly journal for those practicing, conducting research, and teaching in the field of clinical quality improvement. AJMQ publishes research studies, evaluations of the delivery and management of health care, and reports on changes in the field of medical quality, utilization, and risk management. Each issue provides information on the latest innovations in quality, editorial commentary on issues of importance in the field, and pragmatic suggestions to improve practice.

Please visit the AJMQ website,, for more information about the journal, or to view an issue free of charge.

The Telluride Experience 2015: Now Taking Applications

Sunlight_over_mtnsNot sure how late summer and fall flew by so fast, but it is already November, and we are now taking applications for our 2015 Telluride Summer Camp sessions!

Step up and become one of our Telluride Patient Safety Champion Alumni–over 500 strong– by applying to spend one of FIVE weeks immersed in learning and discussions on how to become a patient safety leader. This coming summer, there will be three locations for medical students and advanced practice nurses, and two locations for resident physicians.

Because of the tremendous success we have seen through the years, and as a result of our continued growth both nationally and internationally, the Telluride Patient Safety Summer Camps will take on a new look and name beginning in 2015, but the spirit in which the patient safety intensive workshops will operate will not change. The newly anointed (chosen by our Telluride Alumni Scholars) “Academy for Emerging Leaders in Patient Safety: The Telluride Experience,” will continue to gather patient safety leaders from around the world, along with patient advocates and industry leaders to discuss issues related to the open, honest communication and patient-centered healthcare, both critically needed to produce the highest quality. safest care possible.

Once again, we will be taking applications online (click here) and the deadline for 2015 sessions is January 15, 2015. On the website you will also soon find familiar faces, starring in a new, mini-documentary on the Telluride Experience.

Telluride Alumni continue to create change at their home institutions, and inspire their colleagues.  The following reflection was shared by a Telluride Scholar at the end of her first day at one of last year’s sessions. It is messages like this that reinforce how important the work being done in Telluride has been, and will continue to be through the Academy. And it is most definitely a two-way exchange of inspiration. Many of us have similar days and weeks of frustration and despair, feeling the changes so badly needed aren’t happening fast enough. Our faculty also leave “recharged” after seeing and feeling the passion and commitment these future healthcare leaders have for achieving safe, high quality patient care. Please consider joining us in 2015!

From a Telluride Scholar, 2014:

“As of late, I have felt uninspired and more bewildered by the apathy and active discouragement by my superiors almost reprimanding me for doing the right thing for my patients. After meeting the Telluride faculty at this meeting, I am beginning to feel empowered again to be a conduit of change.”

“So often at work I am so disheartened by what I see and do when it comes to patient safety and quality of care, and I am usually too tired and pessimistic to do anything but complain. I now have renewed energy and commitment to making things better. I also now have some tools and support and I’m again excited for the next two years of residency.”

“Thank you so much for this amazing week. After the hardest year of my residency as well as my personal life, this conference has re-inspired me at a time when I was starting to feel exhausted by work and alone in the system. Just a few days before I arrived in Telluride, a faculty member told me to ‘stop pushing and coming up with ideas because you don’t understand how things work here’. This was greatly upsetting and discouraging as I actually consider this person a mentor and a progressive thinker. Although this really upset me, I am so fortunate that I got to attend this conference…I learned that I certainly am not alone and will not stop pushing.”