A New Class of Patient Safety Leaders: Telluride Experience 2015 Kicks Off

IMG_0188This coming weekend, many wonderful and highly committed patient safety advocates and safety leaders will once again convene in Telluride, CO to continue our mission of Educating the Young. For those not from CO, summertime in Telluride may be one of the best kept secrets in the United States. Be it the old west feel of the town, or the hypoxic magic that happens at an elevation of 9,600 feet, Telluride has always been a learning mecca for everyone that joins us during these memorable weeks of high altitude education at the Academy for Emerging Leaders in Patient Safety: The Telluride Experience.

Over the course of eleven years, 450 students and resident physician scholars have attended one of our Telluride Experience Sessions, formerly known as the Telluride Patient Safety Summer Camps. Many of our alumni have gone on to lead work that has inspired real change at their home institutions–change that is helping make care safer and more transparent. We look forward to meeting yet another class of emerging patient safety leaders that will continue to stand up for patients and a culture of safety we all can feel safe working, or receiving care, within.

Through the generous support of The Doctors Company Foundation (TDCF), Committee of Interns and Residents (CIR), COPIC and MedStar Health, about 180 health science students and resident physician leaders will be attending one of five, week-long Patient Safety Summer Camps this summer. The first two patient summer camps will be starting next week in Telluride, two more patient safety summer camps will be held in the Washington DC/Baltimore, MD region (aka Telluride East) in July, and a final week will be held in Napa CA – our new home for Telluride West–thanks yet again to the continued support of The Doctors Company Foundation.

The smaller, roundtable format utilized at the Telluride Sessions, takes advantage of small group breakouts and learner-centered activities designed to foster creative thought and consensus building through lively conversations in a relaxed and informal setting. This non-traditional learning environment also attracts patient safety leaders from around the world to Telluride each summer, to break bread and share ideas on current issues and challenges while helping train the next generation of Patient Safety leaders. Because of this unique venue and format, much of our discovery and learning happens on the walking paths, hiking on the mountain trails, in a coffee shop, or over a glass of wine.

Next week, we kick off this year’s Patient Safety Summer Camps by welcoming 36 health science students and thirty resident physicians to Colorado. These young scholars and future healthcare leaders were selected from medical schools, nursing schools and residency programs from across the country, and will be immersed in learning about transparency, patient safety, and patient/caregiver partnership. It truly is an amazing experience that always leaves faculty energized for months to follow.

We hope you will follow our activities and learnings through our student, resident and faculty blogs, found here on ETY, at The Telluride Blog, found here or fellow faculty member, Paul Levy’s blog Not Running A Hospital. Please comment and join our conversation on the blogs or on Twitter (@TPSSC and #AELPS11).


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