Disney and Pixar Understand Patient-Centered Care

If there is any way to get John Lasseter and leadership from Disney or Pixar involved in developing healthcare of the future, I think we might want to consider recruiting their team. Big Hero 6 opened November 7th and led box office sales with $56M in tickets sold its first weekend, adding another $36M this past weekend. Urged on by a seven-year-old who is in the process of developing edible electricity to make dogs talk, my family purchased six of those tickets. Four adults and two kids spent Saturday evening just how Walt Disney intended us to:  at the movies!

Both Disney and Pixar have mastered the art of entertaining kids and adults with their stories, and lovable, life-like, animated characters. In Big Hero 6, it is the personal healthcare robot, Baymax, and fourteen-year-old orphan genius, Hiro, who steal the show. Baymax comes to life when he hears the word, “Ouch!” Breaking free of his 2′ x 2′ storage cube and inflating to StayPuff marshmallow form, he then waddles comically over to whoever he perceives may need his pre-programmed healthcare expertise.

“On a scale of one to ten, rate your pain,” says Baymax, as the visual pain scale lights up across his large, puffy chest also serving as a monitor for patients to view any medical findings. Baymax then scans his patient from head to toe, assessing location of injury or type of illness, and proceeds to prescribe proper treatment from a database full of disease information.

The kicker? To make Baymax deflate and return to recharge in his storage cube, his patient must first say, “I am satisfied with my care.” Wow! Go Pixar!




2 Comments on “Disney and Pixar Understand Patient-Centered Care”

  1. Dan Walter says:

    Edible electricity… I like it!

  2. lynne says:

    Thanks Tracy for doing this post. This movie is a must see especially for those of us in healthcare

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