What Will Your Verse Be…

A tribute to a gifted storytelling talent and teacher.

Terry Heick, teacher and blogger, gives additional tribute to Williams, and to teachers who inspire selflessly in, That the powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse. To quote:

He whispered to students in a sing-song, melancholy, and haunting tone on behalf of those that had come before. It was never about him, but about the ultimate invitation–inviting a potential learner to something worth understanding.

To me, that’s teaching.

As far as his character in DPS (Dead Poets Society), it wasn’t so much the quotes and themes (carpe diem) as it was his devotion to something greater than himself–and his ability to see his limited role in that fragile process. Students deserved to understand literature–that seemed to be his position. So I took those ideas, and formed what I thought about teaching.

What can I do to help students climb over and around me?

To not need me?

To trust themselves enough to reach out and take something?

Who were the teachers you remember? We talk about educating the young and the need to rework medical education in a way that addresses the needs of today’s healthcare, yet change comes slowly. Where are the “John Keatings” and “Terry Heicks” of medical education?


5 Comments on “What Will Your Verse Be…”

  1. Barbara Shoemaker says:

    How beautiful to post this today in tribute not only to Terry Heick but to Robin Williams, a talented and gifted comedian, actor, storyteller and human being. He touched our lives with joy and laughter and the play goes on. What a verse he contributed.

    Barbara Shoemaker

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    • Tracy Granzyk MS says:

      Barbara, Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. He was a true inspiration — someone who I not only respected as a gifted artist, but as someone who managed to navigate the challenges and imperfections life presented with resilience. What a loss he will not be creating anything new but those he inspired will–a verse that continues always when you’re a teacher!

  2. Who were the teachers you remember? Where are the “John Keatings” and “Terry Heicks” of medical education? I have the answer to that, but please forgive me because I am sure there are more people that I have left off. To begin with the most wonderful teacher in my life was my husband Jerod Loeb. He taught me about what was truly important in life, healthcare and patient safety and quality. He will never be forgotten and his teachings have been passed down to his daughter Jennifer who is a brand new resident. He was the true embodiment of a teacher and a student for life. In addition I see Dave Mayer, Dan Ford, Helen Haskell, Patty and David Skolnik, Carole hemmelgarn, Sorrel King, Michael Millenson, Armando and Victoria Nahum, Marty Hatlie, Knitasha Washington, Tracy Granzyk, Rosemary Gibson, Paul Levy, Richard Corder and many many more who are teaching everyday the need for Patient Safety and Quality and Transparency. Kudos to each and everyone of you for being true teachers and mentors. Your efforts will never be forgotten!

    • Tracy Granzyk MS says:

      Sherri, Love your tribute to Jerod and feel honored that you include me in your list of incredible healthcare leaders and teachers. I need to add my dad, Steve Granzyk, who has taught high school English for over 35 years–from accelerated students to students with behavioral disorders, and now at a private prep school–he has always put his heart and soul into his work and his students love him. Teaching is such a wonderful profession–you never know where the ripple effect from sharing knowledge will land!

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