Trying to Find Flow in Healthcare Once Again

It has been some time since we have written about the concept of flow on ETY (see What is Flow, and How Can It Improve Healthcare?, Achieving A Flow State in Healthcare: Can We Do It?), and after recently finding Warren Miller Entertainment’s website once again, I was reminded that flow is not far away if one remembers to seek it.

As defined by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, being “in flow” means achieving a state of mind, or being, where time stands still and an individual is so in tune with the moment, and so engrossed in the activity, that all awareness of the self or self-consciousness is overtaken by the activity at hand, and a feeling of well-being is experienced. It could be likened to mindfulness at its most intense level–something we are trying to embed within the healthcare culture. We had asked: Could learning to find flow in our healthcare work return the joy and meaning that Dr. Lucian Leape speaks of, and as a result, improve the patient’s experience of care?

As you ponder these thoughts on a summer Friday, enjoy the following peek at Warren Miller’s 2014 annual kick-off to ski/snowboard season–always a visual example of flow in my mind:


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