Telluride Patient Safety Summer Camps & The Doctors Company Foundation Add “Telluride West” for 2015

David Kern, in his book entitled Curriculum Development for Medical Education: A Six-Step Approach, said, “The ultimate purpose of a curriculum in medical education is to address problems that affect the health of the public.” I think we can all agree patient safety is a public health problem, however, medical and nursing schools have been slow to change in the face of this crisis, and instead, remain mired in a very traditional 1980’s curricular model. I can’t help but think of Einstein’s mantra…“insanity is doing the same thing over and over, yet expecting a different result”.

Fortunately, others are trying to help…

TDFThe Doctors Company Foundation (TDCF), created in 2008 by The Doctors Company–the nation’s largest insurer of medical professional liability for physicians, surgeons, and other health professionals–is one group at the forefront of medical education change, supporting many medical education programs and projects. From their website:

The purpose of the Foundation is to support patient safety education for health care professionals in training and in practice, patient safety research with clinically useful applications, and medical professional liability research.

TPSSC_Logo_v3TDCF has also been a long-time supporter of the Telluride Patient Safety Summer Camps for health science students. Over the last four years, through their generous support, close to 200 health science students will have attended one of our week-long patient safety summer camps. Student summer camp reflections and experiences have been shared on the ETY blog through the years, as well as the Telluride Sumer Camp blog.

Because of our past success, and the willingness of The Doctors Company and its Foundation’s mission to make care safer for our patients, we are excited to announce that the Telluride Patient Safety Summer Camp will now offer three one-week student summer camps in 2015–with our newest patient safety camp being held in California (“Telluride West”). Ninety health science students from across the country will now be able to attend one of the three, one-week patent safety summer camps being held in Colorado, Washington DC and California. Leaders and visionaries from The Doctors Company and its Foundation, such as Richard Anderson, David Troxel, Leona Siadek-Rice and TDCF board members, believe in the Educate the Young premise, and back it up through their generous and continued support of our Telluride Patient Safety Summer Camp mission.

Combined with the two weeks of Patient Safety Summer Camps for Resident Physicians supported by COPIC, CIR and MedStar Health, there will now be five weeks of patient safety summer camps offered each year. That makes over 150 of our future health care leaders immersed in patient safety and transparency education led by international leaders in patient safety. I think even Einstein would be happy….



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