Patient Advocate Sherri Loeb on Navigating Healthcare

Please welcome our latest guest blogger, Sherri Loeb. Sherri is a nurse of 30 years and the wife of Jerod Loeb, Vice President for Healthcare Quality Evaluation at Joint Commission, who she, and the entire patient safety community, lost to prostate cancer last year (see Experiencing Both Sides of the Quality and Safety Chasm…) . Since losing Jerod, Sherri’s passion for patient centered care has only gathered more urgency, as she works to share their story and her nursing experience in a way that inspires change. She is also a member of the MedStar Health Patient and Family Advisory Council for Quality and Safety, as well as a member of the National Quality Forum steering committee for person- and family-centered care. Following is an excerpt from a recent blog post she wrote for, What it takes to navigate healthcare: Engagement, compassion.


Patient engagement, patient-centered care, shared decision-making, patient experience and centers of excellence–all the latest buzzwords in healthcare. But do our industry leaders really understand what they mean or how to implement them, and how critical they are not only to the patient and family, but also to the ultimate goal of patient safety? From my recent experience I would say it’s rare.

I’m a nurse of 30-plus years who has worked in various healthcare settings. I have always been patient-centered and treated each patient as if they were family. Then, on Aug. 4, 2011, my life changed dramatically when Jerod, my husband of 25 years, as well as an internationally known patient safety and quality expert, was diagnosed with stage IV metastatic prostate cancer…

To read the rest of Sherri’s post, please click here.


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