New Website for Resident Physician Education @CIRSEIU

Dr. David Leach, the former CEO of the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME), once wrote that the most important role a Resident Physician has is that of being the “moral agent” for their patients. They have the responsibility of speaking up when harm is near. I love this “moral agent” concept…it is so simple, yet so critically important in the quest for safer, higher quality, patient care. (See ETY, Canary in a Coalmine).

CIRSEIU_Residents_TrainingIn academic medical centers, Resident Physicians spend more time in our hospitals, have more direct contact with our patients, and see many more unsafe conditions and near misses than most caregivers. I hope all residents will be that moral agent – the “sentinel on watch” – for your patients. Report all near misses and unsafe conditions you experience to those in charge. Then help make a difference by working with your leadership to find solutions to those problems.

Today, the Committee of Interns and Residents (CIR, @CIRSEIU) will launch a new educational website for resident physicians ( focused on quality and safety. The QIGateway portal is the first platform of its kind that is focused on patient safety and quality improvement by, and for, medical residents.

I encourage all resident physicians to visit this site, appreciate the growing body of quality and safety work being done by resident physicians across the country, and share your own quality and safety projects with others so that together we can continue to reduce risk and make care safer for all our patients

Through this exciting new educational website, the premise “Educate the Young” now aligns with “Inspire the Young”.  More and more resident physicians are becoming leaders and change agents in quality and safety – being the patient’s “moral agent” that Dr. Leach called for while helping make a difference at their home institutions. It is a brighter day for safe, high quality care at our academic medical centers thanks to the new QIGateway portal.

One Comment on “New Website for Resident Physician Education @CIRSEIU”

  1. Yes! This is what we are talking about
    how exciting to see it in action.

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