Follow Telluride 2013 Resident Summer Camp Reflections at Transparent Health Blog

IMG_0188Please join us in Telluride this week!

We are well into day two with our resident scholars in Telluride, where the topic for 2013 is Change Agents: Teaching Caregivers Effective Communication Skills to Overcome Patient Safety Barriers in Healthcare.

This amazing group is engaging in some truly moving conversations around patient centered care, shared decision-making, personal experiences with near misses and the dangers that exist within medical education. Their bravery, knowledge and commitment to their patient is so very evident — it is inspiring, and gives hope of a very bright future for healthcare.

We will be posting summaries of the days events for the next two weeks here on ETY, but please also join us this week at our Transparent Health blog, (found here). Today’s post on the TH blog shares a number of resident reflections and can be linked to here.

Paul Levy, Not Running A Hospital, has joined us in Telluride to teach negotiation skills to our resident physicians and is also blogging about the experience. You can find his reflections here.

2 Comments on “Follow Telluride 2013 Resident Summer Camp Reflections at Transparent Health Blog”

  1. Joan says:

    Returning home after the week in Telluride leaves me with hope and a profound appreciation of the work started by Dave, Tim and other patient safety leaders. The medical residents are deeply committed to transforming healthcare delivery into a safer, much more humane practice. It is truly a great honor to be able to contribute my skills to helping improve communication between patients and provider.. I left Telluride inspired and so hopeful about the future.

  2. lambrechtann says:

    I have been home just a few days and still feel the energy, enthusiasim and strong commitment created in those few, all to short, days with all of you. The information sharing, learnings and ideas have truly inspired me to become better and more proficient in my work. Thank you faculty for the ideas you shared, to Tim and Dave for moving this wonderful work forward and to all the residents who are going to make health care history with their projects. Ann

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