@edutopia Big Thinkers on Education: Where is #Meded?

From legendary film director, Martin Scorsese to Sir Kenneth Robinson (ETY post, The Changing Educational Paradigm) to John Seely Brown (ETY post, A New Culture of Learning) and Constance Steinkuehler, Asst. Professor in the Digital Media program in the Curriculum & Instruction department at UW-Madison, and a founding fellow of the Games+Learning+Society Initiative whose video follows–all are contributing their expertise to the redesign of education via Edutopia, a product of The George Lucas Educational Foundation. Lucas’ Foundation has produced the Big Thinkers on Education video series, and is enlisting the impressive list above, along with others at the top of their fields to contribute their ideas to the changing educational paradigm.

Following is the first in a series of short synopses from the Big Thinkers on Education series for ETY–

In the above video, Steinkuehler, who recently left her White House post as Senior Policy Analyst at the Office of Science and Technology Policy in the Executive Office of the President to return to UW-Madison, shares that she:

…studies thinking and learning in the form of online games…the intersection between videogames and online cultures and social networks like Facebook. [She performs] large empirical studies on what kids are doing [as well as studies] the intellectual side of online play in all forms, how games matter, what matters about them, and how do we save the world?

Where are medical educators flocking to join, learn and contribute to the conversations on innovation in education? There is much to learn from those working to engage the minds of students — young and old — in new, and meaningful ways. Please share what you have found in medical education innovation here on ETY!

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