Entrepreneurial Learning

How do you constantly look around you, all the time, for news ways, new resources to learn new things?
John Seely Brown

As a follow-up to last week’s post,  A New Culture of Learning by John Seely Brown (JSB), I wanted to share a short ~10 minute video which contains highlights from his keynote address at the Digital Media and Learning Conference last spring. I do so in hopes that this new way of thinking about learning will catch fire in medicine in its own way for so many reasons, as he points out, “the half-life of most skills = 5 years.”

In the video, Brown shares that the use of new technology is the easy piece in creating learning environments designed to meet the needs of the digital age, however it will be the social practices and related institutional structures themselves that will present the greater challenge. How will medical education shift, and how quickly, to meet the opportunities in front of all learners today? Better yet, how will medicine help shape the learning environments of the future? Please weigh in!

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