#AAMC12 Calls For New Vision of Leadership, Approaches and Insights To Be Infused Into Medical Schools

The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) is holding its 123rd annual meeting this week in San Francisco. Over the course of the program, Eric Topol MD (The Creative Destruction of Medicine), Salman Khan (Khan Academy) and John Kao MD (Institute for Large Scale Innovation) will share their thoughts on advancing the themes of “New Visions, New Approaches, New Insights” as applied to medical education on a larger scale.

Darrell Kirch, AAMC CEO, spoke on the “New Leadership” healthcare needs to finally move past the unsolved challenges of today. Those leaders look less like “The Sage on the Stage” of traditional educational models, and more like the multipliers authors Liz Wiseman and Greg McKeown describe in their book, Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter. These are the leaders, Kirch says, that multiply “the intelligence, creativity, and commitment of our faculty, students, residents, and institutional leaders…to create a sustainable future for academic medicine…and resolve the national problems we have been avoiding.” These are the leaders who make everyone in the room feel bigger, better, smarter than they did before walking in. Leaders who are unafraid, or threatened by, surrounding themselves with people who are smarter, more skilled or knowledgeable in a given area.  Wiseman and McKeown’s book trailer follows:

The University of Utah School of Medicine is capturing content from the AAMC meeting, engaging attendees and the healthcare community at-large via social media (Twitter hashtag #utahinnovation) and in conversations started in San Francisco and continued on their interactive website. Click here to be a part of those conversations–and share your own thoughts on the beautifully told stories around 5 algorithms University of Utah puts forth as a recipe for medical school innovation and transformation. Those 5 algorithms include:

  • Algorithm 1: Focus on Primary Care – What if we thought of our primary care clinics as our most important research labs?
  • Algorithm 2: Embrace Transparency – Can exposing our weaknesses actually made us stronger?
  • Algorithm 3: Engage Physicians – How can we make physicians our cost-cutting champions?
  • Algorithm 4: Nurture the Inventor – Can anyone in academic medicine be an inventor?
  • Algorithm 5: Believe in Students – What if students authored high-profile research papers?

What is your medical school doing to change healthcare in ways that put the patient at the center, reduce costs and make scalable changes to the current system? Please share!


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